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Download! The Positive Feedback Worksheet (Free)

A super quick post today to introduce my Positive Feedback Worksheet! As we’re getting closer to the exam period, a lot of classes are doing OSP work-in-progress showings. I’m a big fan of these, as I think the only way to get really impartial feedback about whether your OSP makes any sense is to perform for someone who doesn’t know anything about your OSP. The main snag we generally hit is that many people don’t know how to give useful feedback, and so there is often a lot of fear and resistance surrounding a work-in-progress performance. This is obviously not ideal.

I’ve talked in other blogs about How to Use the Positive Feedback Model (start with that link and then get Extra Tips for Using the Positive Feedback Model here) so I won’t go into too much depth about what it is and why it’s useful - suffice it to say that the idea is that you start with what you liked, and work towards constructive criticism from there.

My new feedback sheet is a little more detailed and is designed to be used in these last few weeks of term when students really need detailed feedback. The questions are based around the marking key (and inspired by the wonderful DramaWest PD about marking the OSPs that I attended just last night) and are phrased in a way that should lead students away from criticism and towards helpful suggestions.

I’ll admit I haven’t had a chance to test whether it’s printer friendly because my printer is consistently a poohead (that’s the technical term) so please post a comment below if you’re having any trouble with it and I’ll do up a nice fresh version. Honestly, I’m just so pumped from that PD last night that I wanted to get this out to you pronto.

Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!