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Help Me with My OSP - The Online Course & Email Feedback

The easiest, cheapest way to work with me! This series of videos will walk you through the whole process of creating your OSP, from start to finish.

If you’ve already started and you just need some direction, you can also purchase email feedback from me. All you have to do is film yourself performing your OSP, send me the link via email and I will send you a page of feedback! This is a great way to get help if you’re starting to feel confused or bogged down in all your work, or more specific feedback if you want to do really well in your exam. You can let me know what sort of feedback you want, whether it’s help with the writing (if you still have a few weeks to fix things) or acting tips (if you’re getting close!).

You can purchase email feedback here.

Help Me with My OSP - Blog

If you’re feeling skint and can’t afford to purchase the online course or email feedback from me, never fear! Check out my OSP blog to get some tips for free.

Advice for Young Actors - Blog

If you’re a keen drama student hoping to work in the Entertainment Industry (or maybe already working in it!), you might enjoy my blog posts over at